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Takeaways From Last Week's DIY Credit Event!

Key points to keep in mind if you want to climb the credit ladder!

SRE, LLC's founder, Sherell Robinson, is no self proclaimed credit guru or any of the instagram-famous creditor titles swimming around out there. What she is is someone who has seen the worst and the best of credit scores over the course of 13 years working with real estate clients. So, she's learned plenty of tips and tricks to share with prospects who've needed a credit boost before they could land their dream property. Then she decided to spread those gems further sharing them with you.

"...(P)eople underestimate their total debt amounts!"

individuals were consistently unaware of what was causing the most harm to credit scores.

During the event, participants followed the steps that Sherell ordered for everyone to begin solving their credit issues. This required individuals to pull their current credit report. Prior to, they noted what they thought their top issues were that caused damage to their credit scores. From follow ups, it was found that individuals were consistently unaware of what was causing the most harm to credit scores. In sum, people underestimate their total debt amounts! (#creditrepair #debt #diy) Knowing there is someone fighting against you in a battle, but you don't know what they're coming with, you'll find yourself in a losing battle. This is exactly the position that people find themselves in when they don't know the true weight of the debt and factors that make up their credit scores.

In sum, the greatest point of the event was the emphasis on creating a plan for spending, contributing to means that protect the financial piece of your legacy and investing. Details on how to do that and resources to use to accomplish it all were laid out in the event. To get started on managing your credit in easy ways on your own stay tuned to this site for the e-course version of the credit repair kit!

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