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The Reasons You Can’t Find Balance

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Each day one headache leads to another and another and you don't understand why. Read on to find out.

Plans fall through and it isn't even 10am yet. You shake that off and set out to handle a few more tasks. But nothing goes right. There is often a common thread weaving through all of these headaches that you may be missing.

"...become more aware and make positive changes."

You're putting yourself last

Many of us feel pressure to attend to everything around us at record speed. We do this without any consideration for what we're taking from ourselves in the process. We forge on even when our bodies alarm us to exhaustion and other messages telling us to pause. (#wellness #career #parenthood #family) When we do this, we limit our ability to focus, think our best and perform well. Where this occurs we cause our lives to be out of sync. This can be reversed with taking small steps in the other direction. Extinguish guilty feelings about taking time out to reset. Remember that if you don't do this, everything else will suffer. Visualize the chaos that you don't want to revisit. Then be adamant about scheduling the time to do for self.

You allow in too many distractions

With the acceleration of tech in the past few years, we've all become accustomed to being extremely distracted by constant alerts, pings, bells and notifications (#socialmedia #phones) We've become so used to it that we start hearing and seeing these distractions when they aren't even there! Sitting home on a quiet afternoon we repeatedly check our lock screen thinking we heard a text or email notification. If we allow in too many distractions like this, we open the door to lessened productivity. When we get less done, we tend to scramble to make up for loss time or unfinished tasks. Then before we know it, everything is out of balance. Do better by refusing to constantly grant access to notification alert requests. Set specific times to things of lesser priority. Also try rewarding yourself each time you choose productivity over mindless activities such as scrolling through social media for hours.

Old habits die hard

Much of the time we don't realize our habits that cause us problems. Either we don't have the right people around us to alert us to them; we aren't open to hearing it; or our self-awareness is a bit low at the moment. Whatever the reason, we must get a better handle on our tendencies that get in the way of our success. (#habits #success #awareness) In particular, when we run into obstacles, we oftentimes use engrained coping mechanisms. For instance, maybe when you find a task confusing you grant yourself permission to take a break and watch tv or eat unhealthy foods. Then, as a result, hours of unproductivity have passed. Or maybe we eat until we fall asleep and get nothing done. Whichever it is, we don't help our situation, and our effectiveness suffers.

This isn't an exhaustive list of causes of life imbalance. But, it is a good place to start considering where you can become more aware and make positive changes. No one can help you like you can help yourself. And the great thing is, you can start right now.

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