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Law Source-Philadelphia is the premier legal division of SRE, LLC. We offer assistance  with providing legal forms, legal literature and related basic research to legal professionals and the general public in the Philadelphia area. Many of our resources can be categorized in the sectors of family law, civil litigation, estate planning, and minimal criminal law matters. We also share case information resulting from research. In no instance can we or do we provide legal advice. By law, we are prohibited from doing so. 

  • Wills

  • Advance directive 

  • LLC formation

  • Birth plan (bundle for new moms!)

  • Case Information 

  • Case analysis/explanation

  • Case comparisons

  • Full case synthesis (includes three cases)

  • Pro se (self-representation) 

  • Case health

            Please visit www.therobinsonlawsource.com

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OUR SERVICES: Business Development

Improving Operations & Mending Broken Businesses

  •  Presentations & Workshops

  • Websites

  • Newsletters

  • Blogs

  • Cost Reduction Analyses

  • Business Budgets

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Staff Wellness Programs to Increase Staff Productivity

  • Customer Service Plans

  • Client Retention Plans

  • Market research

  • Price-Point Shifting

  • Growth/Business Scaling Audits

  • Team Cohesiveness Plans

Do you think we have something that could help you where you are? Contact us asap in order to hear, and quickly see how we can turn things around for you @ assistant.bizhelp@gmail.com

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OUR SERVICES: Career Development-College/Trade

These services are perfect for clients in need of resources for career field entry or changes, trade school or college information and admission assistance, job leads, and assistance for developing side gigs. 


 Each consultation includes 2 follow up contacts, a career development plan, and extensive resources/referrals.

Initial assessment & 1st resource free!
Discounted Packages for teens -21 yrs old!

  • School Information

  • Scholarship/Grant Leads

  • Provide Job Leads

  • Job Application Assistance

  • Field Changes

  • Career Interest & Skillset Assessments

  • Industry & Targeted Profession Research

  • Find Side Gigs & More!

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OUR SERVICES: Professional Development

Our PD services have served companies who needed training for staff in sales, customer service, cultural competence, professional wellness & more. Still, SRE isn't just all consultations! Our PD products include a variety of resume & cover letter types. Do you know the resume format that is best for presenting to the employer you're interviewing with? Is it chronological, functional or another format? We know this & some! Our PD products have aided many individuals in accomplishing their goals. Our proven track record of testimonials show how our professional development products have gotten clients callbacks, interviews, and continuous action from employers.

  • $5 off 1st resume with us! (exception-students)

  • $25  Student resumes (Teens-21 Years old)

*Limitations apply and proof of student status is required before work begins

Entry Level to Mid Career Level
This category includes candidates with up to 7 yrs experience

  • $50-Resume 'Clean up'

  • $60- Resume 'from scratch

  • Senior Professional Level & Executive Level'
    This category includes candidates with 8-14+ yrs experience

  • $80-Resume 'Clean up' 

  • $90- Resume 'From scratch'

  • *All senior professional level & executive level(8-14 yrs+) packages have an additional fee of $30 added to prices listed below


  • $90 Premium Package

 Electronic & Hard Copy of Resume'
                          Electronic & Hard Copy of Cover Letter
   Interview & Follow Up Tip Card
  5 Thank You Cards To Follow Up With Employers!
    Professional Email Setup

         Up to 10 Job Leads     


  • $75 Deluxe Package

Electronic & Hard Copy of Resume'
              Electronic & Hard Copy of Cover Letter
         Interview & Follow Up Tip Card
  Up to 3 Job Leads

We accept Venmo, Paypal, Cash App & Apple Pay!

Contact us @ assistant.careerhelp@gmail.com

OUR SERVICES: Spending & Credit Repair

Let Us Help You Get That Car, House, Business, Investment Account, Or Out Of Debt Sooner. You Could Reach Your Goal in Less Than a Month!


Sherell Robinson Enterprises offers resources for:
Spending plans
Getting to your first million through retirement accounts
And  investment options that can start under $100


                    A "financial checkup" with SRE will allow you to discover:
                                   Spending Plans for any income level
                                                    Keys to Investing
                                               How to kick your debt
                            Planning for developing your business & more

                           Contact us @ sme.consultingsr@gmail.com

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According to studies, real estate is the most secure investment option over all others; including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Also, it was found that 90% of the wealthy reached that  status via real estate investing.


Add us to your real estate journey and see your dreams unfold. We can go over ways to purchase real estate without your own money, how to invest without physically dealing with property, how to use your property to pay less taxes and more!

If you are seeking agent representation during a real estate transaction your consultation is completely FREE. Representation covers the following (and more):

  1. Explain the buying/selling process

  2. Explain contracts

  3. Schedule & facilitate property walk-throughs

  4. Show homes

  5. Research & analyze comps

  6. Research, identify, & advise about market value & how to use that info to get the best deal

  7. Make contact with lenders

  8. Get contracts signed

  9. Negotiate prices, repairs & more

  10. Review inspection

  11. Safely allocate escrow funds

  12. Answer questions or find best resource for pre & post process questions

  13. Interface with appraiser, surveyor & others

  14. Advocate for client

  15. Provide support during closing

Please visit www.sherellsoldit.com for more infomation.