Meet Our CEO

Entrepreneur, mom, legal powerhouse, 3x honor society inductee, city of Philadelphia honor citation recipient and speaker

Sherell Robinson is the CEO & Founder of Sherell Robinson Enterprises, LLC. SRE, LLC is who you call when you are ready to uncover your ‘next level’ personally or in business. Sherell Robinson Enterprises is a four-division multi-service consulting company based in PA. It is aimed at enhancing the quality of life of others by solving some of the public's biggest problems in business and career development to unleash consistent success. Services cover the areas of business development, career development, real estate and law.

Sherell’s heart has always been connected to the power of catapulting the progress of others through offering transformative products and services. Her introduction to this power came from witnessing family members transform others as beauty professionals, community members and more.  Heavily influenced, Sherell progressively honed a myriad of skills. She acquired multiple college degrees and professional licenses/titles. And on this path, Sherell made waves and landed trusted connections and involvement with institutions such as the U.S. District Courts of the Eastern District of PA and the Philadelphia City Council. In turn, she was awarded an honorary citation for her unwavering dedication to service and creating better lives for her fellow man/woman.


Today, as a lifelong learner, Sherell constantly comes face to face with information that helps her birth creative solutions. She uses these solutions, connections and her expertise in business, law and human relations to fashion the best of products and services. From this, SRE clients build excellence and increase profits in business and success in their careers.

Beyond the career of the CEO, Sherell's life's work includes making time for causes such as maternal mortality awareness and solutions, community integration support for children with special medical needs, and behavioral needs such as autism and sensory disorders. She also supports those who have incarcerated parents; as she pioneered the “Day of Confidence” for such children. It involved confidence building activity stations, and resources and conversation with local educators who learned about the special challenges these students face to help remove implicit bias and stigma surrounding them. Relatively, as an extension of its founder, Sherell Robinson Enterprises too will be a source that spreads promotion of community development, community-business collaboration and guidance. Its track record of clients can attest to it.*


So, if you’re ready to get in on the growth, SRE is here to take you there! With SRE, LLC, growth is guaranteed. Just prepare for it to unfold in front of your very eyes.


*SRE, LLC respects our clients who choose to remain anonymous. Some clients who have agreed to being highlighted include: SheSoMajor Cosmetics, Pretzel Workz, LLC, Staffing of the Future, LLC, CM Elite Cleaning, LLC, C&S Events, LLC,  iKare Support Coordination and others.

Life is about testing yourself to see 'what kind of greatness can I touch in a couple mths? in a yr? five years? How far can I go? How much can I leave my family?' THAT level up should be what gets you up. I've felt that, and its kept me on my path to contributing to my 'next level' and that of others. And THAT's something I can do for the rest of my life.  That's how I'm able to love what I do. 

Sherell Robinson